Diploma in Women Entrepreneurship (Indian</br></br> Institute of Management - Visakhapatnam)

Diploma in Women Entrepreneurship (Indian

Institute of Management - Visakhapatnam)

About the Program

This one-year Program – “Diploma in Women Entrepreneurship”  course will be offered by the Institute (IIM Visakhapatnam) in partnership with National Institute of Business Management (NIBM), Sri Lanka. The Institute will teach 4 out of the 5 academic modules. The project component will be designed by the Institute; administered and evaluated jointly by the Institute and NIBM, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.















Objectives of the Program

  • To foster entrepreneurship and the spirit of creativity and innovation in the cohort.
  • To equip the participants with the management concepts to start a venture, and scale it up.
  • To provide them with the essential knowledge and skills required for an entrepreneurial journey from idea-generation to idea-implementation.


  • Structed inputs, sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices; guidance and mentorship, conducive to experiential learning.

Course content

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Prof . Sushil Kumar
  • Legal Framework and Practices for Entrepreneurs - Ms . Bhagya Silva
  • Sales & Marketing for Entrepreneurs - Prof . Vivek Madupu
  • Managing people and Behaviour in new Ventures - Prof . Bishakha Majumdar
  • Entrepreneurial Finance - Prof . Mohammad Shameem Jawed
  • Project [Do Your Venture] - Prof . Mohammad Shameem Jawed (Classroom session); Periodic Review (All Module Leaders)

The Project Module is divided into two halves:

  1. Classroom Sessions: Do Your Venture (Launch Pad/Workshop Mode) – 2 Weeks
    • Sessions on Introduction to do your Venture & Idea Generation: ‘Brainstorming’ Vs ‘Painstorming’ process.
    • Session on Idea Validation and Evaluation
    • Session on Translating the Idea into Business Plan – The Lean Canvas Model
    • Choices and opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs: Examples from India & Sri Lanka & Project Guidelines
  2. Practical Implementation:Do Your Venture: 5.5 Months
    • In this part of the course the participants would work on their respective ventures and implement the learnings from the academic module on implementation of their venture ideas.
    • There will be periods review-cum mentorship sessions from the IIMV faculty
    • NIBM will organise periodic workshops/webinars/networking sessions with local industry ecosystem and successful entrepreneurs

Earn a Certificate

  • On successful completion of the academic modules and project work, the Institute will award the “Diploma in Women Entrepreneurship”.

Course Fee

LKR 130,000/=

  • Part Payments and Online Payments Options are available

Registration Fee

LKR 2,000/=

Entry Requirements

  • Any Student after G.C.E (O/L) or G.C.E. (A/L).
  • Young employees looking to start their own business.
  • Undergraduates to develop their management background.
  • Anyone who wishes to start their own business.
  • Anyone who wishes to support their family business.
  • Anyone who run start-ups
  • Anyone who wishes to expand their business to the next level


Lecturer Details 

Prof . Bishakha Majumdar

Assistant Professor
FPM, IIM Indore (OB/HRM),
UGC-NET (Labor Welfare, Management),
M.Sc. (Applied Psychology),
B.Sc. (Psychology), University of Calcutta

Ms . Bhagya Silva

Management Consultant/Lecturer
Sri Lanka Law College,
LLB (Hons) Staffordshire University U.K.,
B.A. Specialized in International Relations, University of Colombo

Prof . Sushil Kumar

Assistant Professor
PhD (IIM Raipur),
MPhil (HSS, IIT Bombay),
MA in Social Entrepreneurship (TISS Mumbai)

Prof . Vivek Madupu

Associate Professor
Ph.D. ( Memphis),
MBA ( BIM, Trichy),
MSc. Physics ( University of Hyderabad)

Prof . Mohammad Shameem Jawed

Assistant Professor
FPM (Ph.D.) IIM Indore,
BE (Mechanical Engg.)


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