Professional Certification in Business English

Professional Certification in Business English

A Passport to climb the career ladder:

English as the most widely used language has now diversified into different specialties. With English becoming the language of the business world the term ‘Business English’ is now considered as a specialized area of English of how the language is used for communication for business purposes. The course Professional Certification in Business English provides an opportunity for the participants to develop English language competence to be a true leader in the competitive business world.

For whom:

  • Managers, Executives & Business Professionals
  • Aspiring Business Students reading for Degree, Diploma and other programs of studies
  • For business entrepreneurs & wish to have a business start-up
  • For those who wish to be proficient in Business English

Course Outcome:

On successful completion of the course, participants will be:

  • Competent in spoken communication required in the business world
  • Competent in effectively drafting professional business documents
  • Develop business English vocabulary to be used in spoken and written communication
  • Develop a sound knowledge in English Grammar for business communication

Content Outline:

  • Professional Business Writing: Drafting Business Memos, Emails, Letters, Reports, Business Proposals
  • Spoken Communication for Business: Business Presentations, Business Meetings, Business Negotiations & Discussions
  • Business Vocabulary Development
  • Grammar for professional and effective business communication


Certificate will be awarded to the participants who satisfy the following requirements:

  • Complete all the activities, quizzes and assignments of the four modules successfully (Speaking - 100 marks, Writing - 150 marks, Grammar - 100 marks, Vocabulary Development - 50 marks)
  • Secure overall average of 40 percent


LKR 25,000.00 (non-refundable)

Entry Requirements:

Possess a sound knowledge in English language and wish to develop competencies in Business English for professional purposes

Other Requirements:

Access to a computer with an internet connection.


Lecturer Details 

Mrs. R.A.M.Chathurani

MA (University of Kelaniya)
BA (University of Kelaniya)
Mobile: 0774579697



Mrs. A.G.M.Katulanda

MA (University of Kelaniya)
BA (University of Peradeniya)
Mobile: 0773650079



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