• No Boundaries for Education

    No Boundaries for Education

    No Boundaries2019-02-17 08:50:082019-03-25 14:50:172019-02-17 08:50:44
    Along with geographical restrictions, time is the key factor that both learners and teachers have to face in learning. Blended learning, on the other hand, facilitates learning without constraints as and when the learner is interested in a course mounted online.
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  • Micro-Learning Methodology

    Micro-Learning Methodology

    Micro-Learning2019-02-17 08:49:072019-03-07 17:13:582019-02-17 08:49:40
    Micro-learning involves learning in smaller steps. Rather than trying to teach a student about a broad subject all at once, It will be broken down into smaller lesson plans and deliver to the students, furthermore, Videos, Webinars, Live chat, Forums simplify the complex theories.
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  • Blended Learning

    Blended Learning

    Blended Learning2016-10-25 05:18:572023-08-21 13:37:052016-10-25 05:19:28
    Blended learning is often referred to as "hybrid" learning, a combination of inclass and online learning in one course. A student might attend in classes and some lessons are online when the learner can study at home or office.
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